Karcher Vacuum Cleaners

Karcher vacuum cleaners are categorised into industrial and home usage. These specialty vacuum cleaners are specially designed for heavy duty cleaning jobs where there is heavy dust or powder to be cleaned. In conventional vacuum cleaners, suction power is reduced drastically over a short period due to clogged filters. With automatic filter cleaning system - Tact System, these machines can work longer period with constant suction power.

Why Karcher home vacuum cleaner? Karcher new multi purpose vacuums could vacuum up regardless of whether it is dry, wet, coarse or fine dirt. The new generation of vacuums shine with its improved convenience of use and numerous new ideas for working efficiently, e.g. automatic filter cleaning, flat pleated filter, a larger container and more vacuum power. Karcher guarantees the right machine for every need.

What grandmothers did not yet know From vacuum cleaners to the fully automatic RoboCleaner: Karcher vacuum cleaners offer the best. Our machines stand out due to their extraordinary operating comfort and surprising innovations.

Vacuuming from A to Z Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners and vacuum brushes offer optimal solutions for industry, trade, automotive, contract cleaners and trades. They impress with their high quality and durability, innovative filter technology and extraordinary operating comfort.

Karcher Vacuum Cleaners

Karcher Power Brush for VC4i Cordless Plus

Karcher Vacuum Cleaners
RM 170.00

Karcher Handheld Vacuum Cleaner VC4i Cordless Plus

Karcher Vacuum Cleaners
RM 1,099.00
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Karcher Handheld Vacuum Cleaner VCH2

Karcher Vacuum Cleaners
RM 199.00

Karcher Cartridge Filter for NT70/2

Karcher Vacuum Cleaners
RM 140.00

Karcher Suction Brush Kit

Karcher Vacuum Cleaners
RM 77.00

Karcher Fleece Filter Bag for WD4 / WD5P.

Karcher Vacuum Cleaners
RM 56.70
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Karcher Ash & Dry Vacuum Cleaner AD4 Premium

Karcher Vacuum Cleaners
RM 809.00 33%

Karcher Floor Nozzle for T8/1

Karcher Vacuum Cleaners
RM 43.00

Karcher Filter Basket for T8/1

Karcher Vacuum Cleaners
RM 50.00

Karcher Filter Basket for NT30/1 & NT38/1

Karcher Vacuum Cleaners
RM 58.00
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