Ledlenser Non-rechargeable Flashlight P3 Core

Technical Data

Light output: Max. 90 lm
Beam distance: Max. 110 m
Run time: Max. 6 h
IP class: IP54
Length defocused: 96 mm
Color rendering index: 70 CRI
Power source type: Battery
Battery type: AAA Alkaline
Weight incl. batteries: 42 g

Scope of Delivery

• 1 x Ledlenser Non-rechargeable Flashlight P3 Core
• 1 x Battery set
• 1 x Pocket clip

7 Years Ledlenser Warranty

RM 88.00
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23/07/2024 - 28/07/2024

Ledlenser Non-rechargeable Flashlight P3 Core

Ledlenser Flashlights - Ledlenser Non-rechargeable Flashlight P3 Core

• Powerful mini flashlight – 42 g (battery included) and 96 mm (defocused)
• Advanced Focus System for efficient, precise flood and spotlighting
• Easy operation with Endcap Switch
• Functional clip easily attaches to a shirt or trouser pocket, also serves as roll protection
• Operates with one AAA alkaline battery or NiMH rechargeable battery

P3 Core - Flashlight

Ultra-compact Ledlenser – The P3 Core flashlight surprises with its strong performance and ability to fit into any pant or shirt pocket. Thanks to the Ledlenser patented Advanced Focus System, you can continuously focus the light at any time.

Additional features include the functional clip and the fast-access end cap switch. The P3 Core can be operated with either an AAA alkaline battery (included in scope of delivery) or a NiMH rechargeable battery.

• Powerful, small & compact flashlight. Fit into a pocket.
• Low, Mid & Power mode.
• 90lm Light Output, 110m Beam Distance, & 6 hours Run Time.
• Technologies: i. Advanced Focus System, ii. Rapid Focus, iii. End cap witch.

1. Light Modes
• Power (90lm) – High light output for every situation
• Mid Power (50lm)– Medium light output for every situation
• Low Power (15lm) – Economical light for long battery life, glare-free reading and working

2. Protection
• IP Protection – IP 54 (Partial protection against dust, splash of water)
• 2m drop height (Drop test)

3. Special Technologies
• Advanced Focus System (AFS) – for efficient, precise flood and spot lighting
• Rapid Focus – One-handed focusing and seamless transition between a focused beam and a wide beam
• Ultra-compact flashlight – only 36 g and 103 mm (defocused)

Core Series - For home and life.

The robust and reliable Ledlenser P-series flashlights offer great performance in a stylish design. Externally reduced to the essentials, they are packed with many useful technologies, such as the patented Advanced Focus System or the advanced Smart Light Technology for individual programmability. Almost all products are protected against dust and water thanks to the innovative Flex Sealing Technology.
The new P-series is also the first Ledlenser range of flashlights designed for all user fields. The products of the Core, Work, and Signature range have different designs and are therefore tailor-made for different target groups. Our Core collection is at the heart of our new P-series lights. Perfect for everyday use in home and garden, for crafts and industry, but also for many recreational applications. The lamps of the Core range offer innovative technologies and functions as well as great performance for the price.

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Weight incl. batteries: 42 g
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