Tajima 60 Degree Rock Hard Cutter LC-650B

Technical Data

Blade Width: 25 mm
Blade Thickness: 0.7 mm
Size: 172 x 37 x 25 mm
Suitable Blade: LB65H (9mm blade)

Scope of Delivery

• 1 pc x Tajima 60 Degree Rock Hard Cutter LC-650B
RM 36.00
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22/06/2024 - 27/06/2024

Tajima 60 Degree Rock Hard Cutter LC-650B

Hand Tools - Tajima 60 Degree Rock Hard Cutter LC-650B

• Tajima LC650B Rock Hard Cutter 25 mm Extra Heavy Duty Knife Warning


• Electrical Hazard. Do not use near open wires.
• Wear safety goggles and gloves when using.
• Inspect before each use. Do not use if damaged or does not function correctly.
• Do not modify from original design.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Do not use the product for other than its designated purpose.
• Do not use with blade extented beyond the length of a single segment.
• Blades are extremely sharp. Take care when removing and reloading blades.
• Dispose of the used blade segment properly.

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