KOBELCO M-S Filler Rod TG-S50

KOBELCO M/S Filler Rod TG-S50

Technical Data

Model: M/S Filler Rod
Part Number: TG-S50
Material Type: Mild Steel
Diameter: 1.6 mm / 2.0 mm / 2.4 mm / 3.2 mm
Length: 1000 mm
Weight: 5 kg

Scope of Delivery

• 5 kg / pack
RM 130.00 - RM 185.00
Availability: In Stock

14/06/2024 - 19/06/2024

KOBELCO M/S Filler Rod TG-S50

Welding Accessories - KOBELCO M/S Filler Rod TG-S50

KOBELCO TG-S50 is a versatile TIG welding solid wire with excellent usability and mechanical properties used for mild steel, 490 MPa high tensile strength steel and low-temperature Al-killed steel. 
Users will also find the mechanical properties approved by the ship classification societies to be reliable.

• Solid wire designed specifically for TIG welding
• Classified as AWS A5.18 ER70S-G
• Minimum tensile strength of the deposited metal is 70 kilo-pound per square inch or 480 MPa
• Uses the DCEN (DC Electrode Negative) polarity and pure argon gas for shielding

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Weight: 5 kg
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