Bosch Measuring Tools

Bosch measuring tools offer outstanding precision and the greatest ease of use. Due to their robustness, the digital measuring tools guarantee the most accurate results also in day-to-day construction site applications.

Bosch measuring tools cover digital angle measurers, building tripods, digital inclinometers, detectors, laser rangefinder, line lasers, optical levels, rotation lasers, thermo detectors and more.

The laser range finders measuring tools from Bosch are ideal for every professional user who wants to take exact measurements quickly: equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology, Bosch rangefinders deliver results with maximum precision and reliability.

Precise lines with high visibility for the professional user. Fast horizontal and vertical alignment of lines: effortless and highly precise with the self-levelling line lasers measuring tools from Bosch.

Bosch Measuring Tools

Bosch Laser Rangefinders
Bosch Thermo Detector
Bosch Cordless Inspection Camera
Bosch Detector
Bosch Line Laser
Bosch Surface Laser and Tile Laser
Bosch Rotation Laser
Bosch Optical Level
Bosch Digital Angle Measurer & Digital Inclinometer
Bosch Laser Receiver
Bosch Building Tripod
Bosch Optical Level Measuring Rod

Bosch Line Laser GLL 3-60 XG

Bosch Measuring Tools
RM 1,670.00

Bosch Laser Rangefinder GLM 400

Bosch Measuring Tools
RM 355.00
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Bosch Thermo Detector GIS 500

Bosch Measuring Tools
RM 239.00

Bosch Laser Rangefinder GLM 30

Bosch Measuring Tools
RM 168.00

Bosch Laser Rangefinder GLM 40

Bosch Measuring Tools
RM 285.00

Bosch Laser Rangefinder GLM 50 C

Bosch Measuring Tools
RM 580.00

Bosch Laser Rangefinder GLM 80

Bosch Measuring Tools
RM 675.00

Bosch Laser Rangefinder GLM 250 VF

Bosch Measuring Tools
RM 1,750.00

Bosch Thermo Detector GIS 1000 C

Bosch Measuring Tools
RM 1,210.00

Bosch Cordless Inspection Camera GIC 120 C

Bosch Measuring Tools
RM 1,535.00

Bosch Detector GMS 120

Bosch Measuring Tools
RM 385.00

Bosch Detector D-tect 120

Bosch Measuring Tools
RM 750.00
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