Dremel Plunge Router Attachment 335

Standard Accessories

• Plunge Router Attachment
• Edge Guide
• Circle Guide
• Guide Bushing Set
• Wrench
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19/05/2024 - 24/05/2024

Dremel Plunge Router Attachment 335

Dremel Attachments - Dremel Plunge Router Attachment 335

Dremel Plunge Router Attachment 335 converts your Dremel tool into a plunge router to rout circles, signs and inlay work, decorative edges and to rout parallel to an edge. It has plunge-lock in handle – simply turn handle to lock/unlock. Two depth stops for quick, consistent adjustment of depth. Edge guide and circle guide to rout straight lines and perfect circles. Guide bushing set for letter and pattern template routing.

Dremel Plunge Router Attachment 335 turns your corded Dremel rotary tool into a mini plunge router perfect for forming decorative edges, cutting straight slots or routing freehand. It has plunge lock-in handle for fast and easy plunge locking. Two depth stops with quick release for rapid adjustment of routing depth. Clear base allows greater visibility of the work surface. Depth guide includes english and metric markings. On board storage for router bits and wrench.

Suitable to use on Dremel Rotary Tools 200, 3000, 4000 and 8200, except Dremel 8050-35 Micro.

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