Anti Slip Tape

Anti Slip Tape

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Size: 2" x 5 m
Colour: Black/yellow

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• 1 x pc Anti Slip Tape
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Anti Slip Tape

Road safety equipments - Anti Slip Tape

Protect your employees from accidental slips, trips and falls with anti slip tape. When aisles, floors and stairwells in your facility become wet and slick, it can assure solid footing. We offer non skid adhesive tape for almost anywhere a slippery condition may present itself, as well as anti-skid tape that signals a visual warning in yellow/black.

The anti slip tape is best for irregular or contoured surfaces. Our anti slip tape is a high friction, slip-resistant material.

Benefits and features
• It reduces slips and make your workplace a safer environment
• Provide maximum anti-slip resistance whilst warning of physical hazards
• Apply to clean dry surface
• Primarily for use on dimpled or patterned surfaces in industrial, food service or commercial areas
• Suitable for application in dry, wet or oily environments
• High quality abrasive particles
• Aluminium foil to conform to irregular surfaces
• High performance adhesive

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