WIM MAG/TIG/MMA Welding Machine MAG-200G

WIM MAG/TIG/MMA Welding Machine MAG-200G

Technical Data

Model: MAG-200G
Processes: MAG / TIG / MMA
Input voltage: AC220V ± 15%
Output current range: MAG 30-200A / MMA 30-160A / TIG 10-160A
Wire feeding speed: 2-15 M/min
Welding thickness: 0.5-5 mm
Wire diameter: 0.8-1.0 mm
Dimension: 410 x 165 x 300 mm
Weight: 8.8 kg

Scope of Delivery

• 1 x WIM welding machine MAG-200G
• 1 x MIG torch
• 1 x Earth clamp
• 1 x Gas hose
• 1 x Co2 gas cylinder 10L
• 1 x Co2 regulator
• 1 x Co2 wire 5 kg
• 1 x Hand held welding head shield
• 1 x Heavy duty welding glove


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15/07/2024 - 20/07/2024

WIM MAG/TIG/MMA Welding Machine MAG-200G

WIM Welding Solutions - WIM MAG/TIG/MMA Welding Machine MAG-200G

Digital Current Meter: display voltage for viewing of the actual and preset values for greater accuracy and repeatability in your welding procedure.

Weight: Extremely low weight and versatility.

Protections: Equipped with temperature, voltage and current sensor for high protection.

Extra Function: Automatic arc force, hot start & anti-stick for greater control and ease of use.

Generator Friendly: Designed to work with diesel generators and to ovoid failures due to its voltage spikes.

Typical Usage: 
• Tool/die repair
• Maintenance
• Fabrication
• Repair
• Farm and Ranch

WIM has great range of welding solutions for your selection WIM Welding Solutions to enhance your projects.

Interested to find out the future of WIM? Learn more at the WIM Welding Industries (M) Sdn Bhd .

Weight: 8.8 kg
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