Krystal Spray Paint Blue 23

Technical Data

Colour: Blue 23
Volume: 400 ml
Gloss: Yes
Quick drying: Yes
CFC FREE - Eco Friendly

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• 1 x Krystal Spray Paint Blue 23
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23/07/2024 - 28/07/2024

Krystal Spray Paint Blue 23

Krystal Spray Paint - Krystal Spray Paint Blue 23

• Paint Colour: Blue
• Colour Range: Multi Purpose
• High Grade Acrylic Paint
• High Gloss Finishing
• Suitable For Various Surfaces
• Quick Drying
• Color Fade Resistant
• Excellent Color Retention
• High Scratch Resistant
• Good Hiding Power ( Lesser Usage)
• Good Weather Resistant 
• CFC Free - ECO Friendly

How to use Krystal Aerosol Spray Paint

1. Shake your Krystal spray can for approximately two minutes after the steel ball inside the can begins to rattle.
2. Test your spray paint on a scrap material until you have achieved a satisfied result.
3. Hold your Krystal spray can approximately 6 to 8 inches away from object or surface.
4. Spray object using several thin coats instead of one thick coat.
5. For safety tips, please refer to the 'Aerosol Spray Paint Safety Tips'.

Krystal Aerosol Spray Paint Safety Tips

Spraying Tips:

• Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame
• Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat
• Wearing personal protection equipment such as respiratory mask and gloves for additional protection
• Avoid spraying against the wind direction 
• DO NOT spray on open flame
• DO NOT spray on electrical items
• DO NOT spray on someone else

Storage Tips:

• Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame
• Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat

Disposal Tips:

• Do not puncture or burn aerosol cans
• Do not discard cans in a trash compactor
• Separate the can and nozzle while recycling
• Recycle them when empty

Health Tips:

• Vapour is harmful to health
• Avoid continuous breathing of spray mist by spraying outdoors whenever possible
• For indoor use, ensure doors and windows are kept open adequate ventilation
• Wearing personal protection equipment likes respiratory mask and gloves- as per above

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Weight: 400 ml
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