Airlessco Gas Hydraulic Texutre / Paint Sprayer HSS9950

Technical Data

Model: HSS 9950
Part number: 17M142
Frame configuration: Cart
Max tip size: 0.053 in (1-gun) , 0.037 in (2-guns)
Max output: 8.9 lpm / 2.35 gpm
Max working pressure: 227 bar / 3300 psi
Max hose length: 90 m
Motor: 6.5 hp Vanguard Engine
Unit weight: 85 kg
Applications: Large residential projects, commercial, and industrial use.
Spray: Water and oil-based coatings, 100% acrylics, multi-color, block fillers, elastomerics, dry fall, mastics, epoxy, intumescent coatings, roof coatings, drywall mud and joint compound for Level 5 finishes

Standard Accessories

• Mastic gun
• 631 rev-tip
• 9.5 mm x 15 m hose
• Extensions
• Pump life fluid
• Filters
• Striping gun
• Pump kit


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20/07/2024 - 25/07/2024

Airlessco Gas Hydraulic Texutre / Paint Sprayer HSS9950

Paint Sprayers - Airlessco Gas Hydraulic Texutre / Paint Sprayer HSS9950

The feature-loaded HSS9950 raises the bar for hydraulic and paint pump performance. Airlessco has substantially enhanced the durability of this versatile sprayer to optimize your output and cost effiency.

• Easily pumps heavy bodied coatings
• Slow stroking design for long life
• Less frequent maintenance for reduced operating costs and down time
• Larger inlet seat for higher flow
• Long pump is submerged in material allowing heavy materials to be sprayed
• Oversized hydraulic pump for long life
• Large capacity reservoir keeps the system cool
• Lower operating temperatures for reduced friction and wear
• Belt guard pivots open for easy removal of engine

Maintance Tips

After each 3 hours of operations: rest 30 min.


Unmatched Performance
• For operational life and low-cost maintenance, Airlessco paint sprayers outshine most
other sprayers. Our newest range pumps more liters of paint with first-rate results,
reliably job after job.

Unrivaled Durability
• DURABLE MOTOR: Each Airlessco MP/LP/SL/TS Sprayer is built with an ultradurable DC motor. They turn slower, driving the pump with a solid gear system.
The motors are larger with more torque, making them longer lasting and more reliable.
• LONG LIFE PISTON: Airlessco pumps utilize hardened stainless steel
and chrome to deliver the longest lasting pumps available.
• ADJUSTABLE PACKINGS: Airlessco’s exclusive Pro-Duty Pump design is the only
one that lets you tighten upper and lower packing tension from outside the pump,
extending the life of the packings.

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Weight: 85 kg
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