Fiberglass Fire Blanket Welding Blanket

Fiberglass Fire Blanket Welding Blanket

Technical Data

Size: 1 M x 30 M x 1.5 MM
Color: White
Material: Fiberglass
Weight: 30 kg

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• 1 x roll Fiberglass Fire Blanket Welding Blanket
RM 430.00
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22/05/2024 - 27/05/2024

Fiberglass Fire Blanket Welding Blanket

Body Safety Equipments - Fiberglass Fire Blanket Welding Blanket

Our Fiberglass Fire Blanket Welding Blanket 1M x 30M x 1.0MM is a non coated, kevlar stitched 100 percent fiberglass heavy duty blanket designed for excellent welding facility. It has fine finished edge and is highly pliable. This blanket has grommets every 12 inch and is heat treated.

It protects your workshop by reducing the risk of injury and fire with our welding blanket. Shield your work space and equipment from sparks, spatter and excessive heat. This welding blanket measures 1M x 30M and is made of heat-treated flame retardant fiberglass material. It is designed to resist a temperature up to 200 degree. The thickness of the blanket material is 1mm and has evenly spaced aluminum grommets on each side for hanging. The blanket is lock stitched with heat resistant fiberglass thread.

This blanket is perfect for workshops, garages and any space where you need to limit risk and exposure from spatter and sparks. Temperatures and applications are intended as guidelines only and not as a guarantee of performance. All blankets are subject to burn through. The product provides only temporary protection within their individual specifications. It is the user's responsibility to monitor their activity and use of the product at all times.

Our fire resistant safety welding blankets are manufactured from fiberglass materials that are excellent for protection against:

• Grinding
• Sparks and spatter
• Arc gouging
• Welding slag
• Molten splash
• Heat treating
• Thermal barriers
• Machine covers

Welding blankets provide protection for a safe weld. Hot work, if not properly managed, can lead to damaging fires. Our welding blankets are designed by their manufacturers to be heat-resistant fabrics designed to be used when combustible materials cannot be moved a safe distance away from hot work operations. In order to be effective, the welding blanket, curtain or pad must completely cover the combustible surfaces to be protected.

A welding blanket is intended for use in horizontal applications with light to moderate exposures such as that resulting from chipping, grinding, heat treating, sand blasting and light horizontal welding. The performance of welding blankets, curtains and pads may be drastically reduced if they exhibit any of the following characteristics:

Attached slag
Frayed material
Holes of any size
Rips and/or tears

Products which exhibit any of the above characteristics should be replaced immediately. offers a wide range of safe products for your everyday best protection from head to toe. Visit our body safety equipments for the great range now.

To learn more about safety products, visit our principle safety professional W Hong Guan Hardware Sdn Bhd for more details.

Weight: 30 kg
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