Non Woven Disposable Shoes Cover

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Color: Blue
Weight: 470 grams / pk
Material: Non woven fabric

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Non Woven Disposable Shoes Cover

Foot Safety Equipments - Non Woven Disposable Shoes Cover

There are many benefits of Non Woven Disposable Shoes Cover, it is the alternative product to low quality and cheap plastic/PE shoe covers. Our non-woven shoe covers are more durable and long lasting and therefore have to be changed less often cost cutting product for our client. Also, it is less slippery & safer for User. The non-woven shoe covers are eco-friendly therefore users are slowly shifting towards non-woven shoe covers.

It is made of high quality SBPP fabric with soft and lightweight, superior breathability. The standard fabric for protection against dry particulate and light fluids in non-toxic workplace and grim-work environment. It is good toughness and wear resistance. It is designed with opening with double elastic band. Moderate elasticity wear comfortable.

In any ESD protected work place or Cleanroom environment, such as electronics manufacturing and repairing, protection against static electricity and contaminants / dust is important. Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD) shoe covers are used to protect against static discharge and contamination that may cause damage to materials being handled. However, just use of ESD shoe cover is not enough. Other products for ESD protection must also be used.

Our imported ESD shoe covers are made of electro-conductive fabric. These lint free non-woven shoe covers possess low resistance to electric charge that act as conduit for dissipating static charge from the operator and the object to the atmosphere.

Our Non Woven Disposable ESD Shoe Covers with conductive strip can be used in ESD Protected Areas (EPA) and Cleanroom environment as well as medical facilities to prevent the dust on the shoes from contaminating the area and ground personnel to minimize human body discharges to ESD sensitive devices. The shoe cover should be worn on the shoe and the conductive strip inserted into the shoe for efficient grounding path to static dissipative floor. The shoe cover also has a slip resistant coating to minimize users from slipping on wet floors.

Great benefits:
• Excellent ESD Protection
• Resistance against Corrosion
• Smooth-finish and Comfortable Fitting
• Good elasticity
• Good ventilation
• Color: Blue offers a wide range of safe products for your everyday best protection from head to toe. Visit our body safety equipments for the great range now.

To learn more about safety products, visit our principle safety professional W Hong Guan Hardware Sdn Bhd for more details.

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