Everlas Dual-Purpose Ladder DP Series

Technical Data

Item Code Step Nos A' Type Height Platform Height
mm ft mm ft
DP04 8 1058 3.48 2108 6.92
DP05 10 1318 4.32 2628 8.62
DP06 12 1560 5.12 3148 10.33
DP07 14 1838 6.03 3663 12.02
DP08 16 2088 6.85 4188 13.74

Maximum Static Load: 95 kg

Scope of Delivery

• 1 x Everlas Dual-Purpose Ladder
RM 160.00 - RM 340.00
Availability: In Stock

26/01/2021 - 31/01/2021

Everlas Dual-Purpose Ladder

Safety Ladder - Everlas Dual-Purpose Ladder

Designed for household application, simple renovation works and factory access equipment in either the form of a slf supporting ladder or a leaning single pole ladder.

Everlas Dual-Purpose Ladder DP Series • Heavy duty safety hinge to secure ladder in two different configuration

Dual-Purpose Ladder Features

• Available form 6 to 16 steps
• Easy conversion to form a leaning single pole ladder
• User friendly safety hinge to lock two different ladder configuration in place
• Anti-slip heavy duty rubber shoes for added floor grip

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Weight: 7 kg
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