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In 1937, the imagination to become the "Largest pneumatic tool manufacturer in the East" is today a worldwide representative manufacturer for pneumatic tools. In this age of continuous globalization of markets and products, Toku will continue to pass on the founded traditions of manufacturing by combining staff and technology to develop and rapidly progress into the upcoming future. We appreciate the continued support and patronage for Toku by our customers for the upcoming future.



Toku Air Angle Grinder TAG-400QJL

Toku Air Tools
RM 1,190.00

Toku Air High Speed Sander MS-4125B

Toku Air Tools
RM 470.00

Toku Air Impact Wrench MI-17C

Toku Air Tools
RM 790.00

Toku Air Tamper & Sand Rammer TB-00G

Toku Air Tools
RM 1,780.00

Toku Air Manipulator TMM-140A

Toku Air Tools
RM 9,840.00

Toku Air Manipulator TCR-250M

Toku Air Tools
RM 12,960.00

Toku Air Trencher & Clay Digger TCD-30

Toku Air Tools
RM 4,860.00

Toku Air Trencher & Clay Digger TCD-20

Toku Air Tools
RM 3,580.00

Toku Air Tamper & Sand Rammer TF-2N

Toku Air Tools
RM 3,340.00

Toku Air Tamper & Sand Rammer TF-1N

Toku Air Tools
RM 3,000.00

Toku Air Tamper & Sand Rammer TB-0G

Toku Air Tools
RM 2,120.00

Toku Air Tamper & Sand Rammer T-6

Toku Air Tools
RM 5,040.00