KOBELCO Welding Electrode M-S RB-26

KOBELCO Welding Electrode M/S RB-26 (E6013)

Technical Data

Item No. LB-52
Part Number G12 G10 G8
Electrode Diameter (mm) 2.6 3.2 4.0
Electrode Length (mm) 350 350 400
Current Range (Amp) Flat Position 45 ~ 95 60 ~ 125 105 ~ 170
Vertical & Overhead 45 ~ 95 60 ~ 125 100 ~ 150

Scope of Delivery

• 5 kg x KOBELCO Welding Electrode M/S RB-26 (E6013)
RM 48.50 - RM 50.50
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23/07/2024 - 28/07/2024

KOBELCO Welding Electrode M/S RB-26 (E6013)

Welding Accessories - KOBELCO Welding Electrode M/S RB-26 (E6013)

RB-26 is a high titania oxide type welding electrode for mild steel. It is widely used for welding sheets of ships, rolling stocks and automobiles, for ornamental surfacing of thick plates.

• As the arc is stable and penetration is shallow, it enables welding of 0.8 mm sheets.
• Since spatter is rarely caused, beatiful beads can be obtained.
• Slag detachability is good.
• Downward welding in the vercital position becomes easy to carry out with this electrode and results in a beautiful bead appearance.
• Both AC and DC can be used.

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Weight: 5 kg
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