PYE Rust Converter 100ml

PYE Rust Converter 100 ml

Technical Data

Colour: Dark Brown
Coverage (app.): 0.93 m²/kg
Size: 100 ml

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• 1 x PYE Rust Converter 100 ml
RM 16.50
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22/05/2024 - 27/05/2024

PYE Rust Converter 100 ml

Chemical Products - PYE Rust Converter 100 ml

A non-toxic rust converter based on a synthetic resin. It dries on new or rusted surfaces and chemically converts these surfaces to a black non-tacky layer in 30 minutes under normal conditions, forming an iron/iron oxide organic complex which gives complete protection for the treated surface.

• Can be applied on unpainted or rusted steel or metal surfaces .
• Suitable for steel, iron, galvanized steel and aluminums.
• Application areas include iron railings, factory steel structures, steel water tanks, gates, grilles, refrigerators, washing machines, cars, lorries, bicycles, motorcycles etc offers all kinds of chemical products from lubricants, grease, cutting oil, threading oil, air compressor oil and more for your home and industrial usage.

To learn more about PYE Fillers, visit PYE Products for more information.

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