Bosch Garden Tools

The Bosch garden tools are essential for maintaining your garden, lawn and hedges. The wide range of tools such as lawn mower, pruning shear, grass trimmer, hedge cutter, chainsaw and more. make your gardening effortless and enjoyment during work. The Bosch high pressure cleaner Aquatak also a spotlight for your cleaning purpose. With the Bosch garden tools, your gardening work is so much easier and faster.

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Bosch Cordless Secateurs EasyPrune

Bosch Garden Tools
RM 9,999.00

Bosch Electric Rotary Lawnmower Rotak 32-12

Bosch Garden Tools
RM 450.00

Bosch Cylinder Lawnmower AHM38G

Bosch Garden Tools
RM 315.00

Bosch Grass Trimmer EasyGrassCut 23

Bosch Garden Tools
RM 170.00
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Bosch Hedge Cutter Universal HedgeCut 50

Bosch Garden Tools
RM 670.00
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