Pentens Drain Clog-Free Renovator

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Pentens Drain Clog-Free Renovator

Cleaning Product - Pentens Drain Clog-Free Renovator

PENTENS DRAIN CLOG-FREE RENOVATOR is specially formulated to dislodge layers of hair, soap scum, grease and organic slime in drains and pipes accumulated over a period of time by liquifying them and restoring free flow to choked drains. It is highly effective for removing clogs and maintaining free flow in sink traps and drains of commercial kitchens, industrial plants, hotels, hospitals, schools and food processing plants. 


• Clear blockages in drains caused by hair, grease, soap, paper and other organic materials.. 
• Suitable for toilets and wash basin.. 
• Penetrates and dissolves grease and organic matter.. 
• Safe on plastic, rubber and other parts of the drain system.. 


1. Remove excess water from areas to be treated. 
2. Pour solution slowly and directly onto areas to be treated. 
3. For basin outlets - Pour 1 cupful initially and allow treating for 10-15 min. Then flush down with water. Repeat if necessary. 
4. For toilet and floor drains - Pour approx. 500ml and leave overnight for better penetration and flush down with water. 

Method of Statement 

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