Z/P Wedge Anchor

Z/P Wedge Anchor

Technical Data

Material Diameter
per pack
Carbon steel zinc galvanised M10 80 70
M12 100 40
M16 100 20
M16 125 20

Scope of Delivery

• 1 pk x Z/P Wedge Anchor

RM 60.00 - RM 78.00
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23/07/2024 - 28/07/2024

Z/P Wedge Anchor

Fastener Products - Z/P Wedge Anchor

Wedge anchors are widely used in fixing heavy duty object to solid concrete and grout-filled concrete masonry. Its a kind of wedge-style expansion anchor with threaded stub body, one-piece clip, hex nut and flat washer or flanged nuts. 

The wedge anchor consists of two pieces permanently preassembled into a single unit. The carbon steel rod is threaded for a portion of its length.

• The extreme end of the threaded portion is rounded to protect the threads from damage while the anchor is being driven into the hole drilled in the concrete.
• The other end of the rod has a necked down diameter, which runs for a short distance, at the end of which it tapers outwardly to the full diameter of the rod.
• A precision formed universal clip made of carbon steel is permanently assembled around the necked down diameter to complete the anchor.

Each package contains the correct number of nuts and washers.

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