Dremel Rotary Tool 8050-35 Micro

Technical Data

Battery voltage: 7.2 V
Battery capacity: 1.0 Ah
Charging time: 3.75 h
Weight: 0.250 kg
Length: 20 cm
No load speed: 5,000 – 28,000 1/min
Battery technology: Lithium-Ion / ECP
Speed setting: Variable
Sound power: 75.3 dB(A)
Vibration: 9.76 ± 1.5 m/s⊃2;

Standard Accessories

• Dremel Micro
• 3 hour 45 minute battery charger (docking station)
• 35 high quality Dremel accessories (including EZ SpeedClic accessories)
• Compact storage case

12 Months Dremel Warranty

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Dremel Rotary Tool 8050-35 Micro

Dremel Rotary Tools - Dremel Rotary Tool 8050-35 Micro

Brilliantly powerful, the Dremel Micro is the perfect combination of size, ergonomics and power that make it the ultimate tool for both precise and light duty DIY tasks. Designed to be held between the thumb and forefinger like a pencil, the Dremel rotary tool 8050-35 Micro allows a grip that is close to the work-piece for superior maneuverability and control. To illuminate projects, the Dremel Micro has LED lights built uniquely into the nose cap to aid in vision and accuracy. The Dremel Micro features lights that indicate battery level, Li-on battery technology, and a docking station that automatically stops charging when the batteries have reached capacity.

Designed for one purpose – to master all precision DIY projects. Hold this Multi-Tool like a pencil for perfect control and manoeuvrability. The lightweight tool rests comfortably between your thumb and forefinger, which means no discomfort or fatigue, while still feeling strong and sturdy. You can clearly see everything you’re doing with the integrated LED light in the nose cap, even in dark areas. Indicator lights show you the battery level and rotary speed. Go from sanding to engraving to cutting. Know at a glance you are mastering all of your DIY jobs.

Features & Benefits

  • 360º grip zone with soft grip for comfort and control
  • Quick collet lock for fast accessory changes
  • Compact streamline design: excellent control and precision
  • Integrated 7,2V Li-Ion battery: no self-discharge, no memory effect: always ready for use thanks to Lithium-Ion technology
  • Variable speed (5,000-28,000 RPM): optimal speed selection for each application
  • LED: illuminate the work piece for better accuracy
  • LED speed indication: easy recognition of the optimal speed
  • LED fuel indication: easy recognition of battery charge
  • Docking station: continuous charging and accessory storage
  • Not compatible with attachments
  • Sleek ergonomic design makes it light and easy to handle for detailed projects & tight spaces
  • New LED smart features such as front-end lighting, variable speed indicator and fuel gauge allow for optimal use
  • Docking Station continually charges so the tool is always fully charged and ready to use

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Dremel Rotary Tool 8050-35
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