WIM Plasma Cutting Welding Machine IPS 120

WIM Plasma Cutting Welding Machine IPS 120

Technical Data

Model: IPS 120
Processes: CUT
Input power: 3-PH 380-415 V
Amperage range: 20-120 A
Max. open-circuit voltage: 300 V
Rated output:
• 120 A at 128 V, 60% duty cycle
• 80 A at 112 V, 100% duty cycle
Dimensions: 680 x 340 x 600 mm
Net weight: 40 kg

Scope of Delivery

• 1 x WIM welding machine IPS 120
• 1 x Plasma torch
• 1 x Earth clamp
• 1 x Plasma cutter cutting machine air filter
• 1 x Hand held welding head shield
• 1 x Heavy duty welding glove


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15/07/2024 - 20/07/2024

WIM Plasma Cutting Welding Machine IPS 120

WIM Welding Solutions - WIM Plasma Cutting Welding Machine IPS 120

Simple and reliable cintrilling procedure, low malfunction rate, easy to maintain.

Using compressed air which guarantees safe and reliable operation.

Can be connected to the CNC, to realize the cuttinf automation.

Built-in over-heat protection, over-voltage protection, voltage protection and lack of compressed air pressure protection.

Adjustable output current to satisfy th cutting demands of various materials and thickness of working plates.

Fast cutting speed, smooth incision, no deformation and high utilization rate of sheet materials.

Apply for vehicles, shipbuilding, boiler, chemical, food, medicine, machinery processing kitchen environment etc.

• Light Industrial Applications
• Precision Metal Fabrication
• Maintenance and Repair
• Light and Heavy Manufacturing
• Tube and Pipe
• Automotive
• Vocational

WIM has great range of welding solutions for your selection WIM Welding Solutions to enhance your projects.

Interested to find out the future of WIM? Learn more at the WIM Welding Industries (M) Sdn Bhd .

Net weight: 40 kg
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