King's Safety Shoes KWD806

King's Safety Shoes KWD806

Technical Data

Full grain leather zip-up boot
Colour: Black
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#6 - 39/40
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• 1 x Pair King's Safety Shoes KWD806
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25/01/2021 - 30/01/2021

King's Safety Shoes KWD806

Foot Safety Equipments - King's Safety Shoes KWD806

King's Safety Shoes KWD806 by Honeywell, as the market leader in safety footwear, King's offers superior protection from the ground up, in our line of safety shoes. King's safety footwear provides incomparable quality, durability, style, and comfort. As the market leader in safety shoes, Honeywell equips workers around the globe with comfortable work boots and work shoes for men and women, such as steel toe boots, that are engineered for maximum protection against work hazards across multiple industries. Workers in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, municipal services, transportation, oil and gas, and a host of other high production industries, need comfortable work boots tailored to their worker’s needs.

The top four hazards our safety footwear protect against are:
• Slip-resistant boots and shoes
• Impact protection in boots and shoes
• Puncture protection in boots and shoes
• Water-resistant or waterproof boots and shoes

Features & Benefits

Sole Construction
• Dual density polyurethane (PU) sole with softer midsole to cushion shock impact (SRC Outsole)
• Lightweight & slip resistant PU sole
• Sole resistant to oils and acids/alkalis
• Antistatic

Upper Construction
• Printed Leather Upper
• Breathable non-woven fabric lining
• Antistatic insole board
• Scuff cap for toe bumper protection
• Extra Wide 5-toe toecap provides maximum comfort for your toes
• 200 Joules steel toe cap for impact and compression resistance
• Pierce resistant 1100N steel mid-sole insert
• PUshion Insole: Extra thick full length fabric-lined PU foam insole with shock absorption, anti-bacterial and anti-static properties. PUshion remains spongy and last longer ensuring long lasting comfort

For employees, it is important to take your safety into your own hands to ensure optimal safety at the workplace. Further, if you spend a lot of time in colder conditions, waterproof boots also reduce your chances of getting frostbite.

For employers, reduced injuries due to slipping means greater productivity and savings. Slip-resistant or waterproof boots protect your employees and, in turn, they protect your very business.

Tip: When purchasing any kind of safety boot for the workplace, such as slip-resistant or waterproof boots, always ensure that you try them on for size first.

TheWwarehouse provides great range of safety foot equipments for your choices.

Interested to find out King's safety by Honeywell? Learn more at the official Honeywell website.

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