Dremel Flap Wheel 9.5mm G80 502

Technical Specifications

Shank diameter: 3.2 mm
Working diameter: 28.6 mm
Working height: 9.5 mm
Grit: 80
Maximum RPM: 35,000 1/min

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25/01/2021 - 30/01/2021

Dremel Flap Wheel 9.5mm G80 502

Dremel Accessories - Dremel Flap Wheel 9.5mm G80 502

The Dremel 502 Flap Wheel 9.5mm G80 is perfect for sanding flat or contoured surfaces on metal, wood, rubber or plastic.

Dremel accessories are designed to be just what you need to complete the project.

The Dremel 502 Flap Wheel 9.5mm G80 Flap wheels grind and polish flat or contoured surfaces. Effective as finishing sander after heavy -surface sanding & material removal is complete. 1/8 In. mandrel. 80 grit for medium finish sanding.

It is suitable for for grinding and polishing flat or contoured surfaces. The new abrasive is continuously exposed to prevent clogging and give a uniform finish. Best as a finishing sander after heavier surface sanding and material removal is completed. Great for removing rust.

A smaller size of 4.8mm is as available at 504.

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