Dremel Bristle Brush Wheel 403

Technical Specifications

Shank diameter: 3.2 mm
Working diameter: 19.0 mm
Maximum RPM: 15,000 1/min

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Dremel Bristle Brush Wheel 403

Dremel Accessories - Dremel Bristle Brush Wheel 403

The Dremel Bristle Brush Wheel 403 is used for light deburring, cleaning, polishing of silverware, jewellery and other precious metals. Can be used with polishing compound (421).

It is ideal for general cleaning and polishing-especially in hard-to-reach places, such as slotted surfaces. Long-wearing nylon bristles. The Dremel Bristle Brush Wheel 403 can also be used for cleaning hard plastic or aluminum such as graphite golf clubs or aluminum wheels. Can be used with polishing compound.

To perform best results of Dremel Bristle Brush Wheel 403, Dremel recommend users:

• Insert the accessory bit all the way into the tool and then back it out slightly before tightening down. This provides plenty of shank for the collet or chuck to hold onto the bit.
• Keep a light touch, letting the tips of the brush do the work. Too much pressure can break the bristles.
• Before using on a material, allow the tool with brush to run at operating speed for at least one minute to discharge any loose bristles. Make sure no one stands in front of or in line with the brush.
• The bristle brush can be used with polishing compound.
• Do not run in excess of 15,000 rpm. Therefore, do not use with a Single-Speed MultiPro Rotary Tool or a Heavy-Duty Flex-Shaft Tool unless you use the #221 Foot Speed Control.

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