Dremel 3D Printer 3D20-01

Technical Data

Voltage: 230 V
Weight: 8.85 kg
Height: 40 cm
Width: 48.5 cm
Depth: 33.5 cm
Extruder: Single Extrusion
Extruder temperature: Up to 230 °c
Operating interface: 3.5” full color IP…
Max build volume: 22.8 cm x 14.9 cm …
Layer thickness: 0.1mm / 100 microns
Filament: PLA
Build platform: Plexiglass
SD-Card: up to 32GB in size
Internal storage: 4 GB
Material diameter: 1.75 mm
Filament length: 162 m

Standard Accessories

• Dremel® Idea Builder
• 1x USB Cable
• 1x Power Cable
• 1x Object Removal Tool
• 1x Quick Start Guide
• 1x Cleaning Tool
• 1x DREMEL® 3D Filament White (DF01)
• 1x SD Card1x Spool Lock
• 1x Instruction Manual
• 2x Build Tape
• 1x Levelling Sheet

12 Months Dremel Warranty


Dremel 3D Printer 3D20-01

Dremel Benchtop Tools – Dremel 3D Printer 3D20-01

What is 3D Printer?
The earliest 3D printing technologies, visible in the late 1980’s, have come a long way. 3D printing is commonly referred to as “additive manufacturing”, where an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until complete. Think of each layer as a thinly sliced cross-section of the final object.

The Dremel 3D Idea Builder utilizes a specific technology called Fused Filament Fabrication. In this process, the printhead or “extruder” heats or “melts” a spool-fed filament so that it can be easily laid down. This heated filament then quickly cools and hardens so that the next layer can be applied.

Dremel 3D printer 3D20-1 also known as 3D printer is widely use across in DIY or professional project. It’s fast and easy to begin printing right out of the box. Download free, print-ready models from around the web or from dremel3d.com. Go further and discover free 3D design software from dremel3d.com and make your own creations.

The new Dremel 3D printer 3D20-01 Idea Builder is the first 3D printer for everyone. It’s easy to use and comes with a suite of ongoing inspiration, design tools and support, making it ideal for home use. Build something fun, something functional, something creative, something personalised. Replace a broken part, or invent a gadget that makes your everyday life easier. The possibilities are endless.

Features & Benefits

Easy to use software for simple customisation of 3D models.

Onboard software permits stand-alone operation when needed.

Pre-installed extruder provides fast, out-of-box use.

Full colour touch screen for optimal object preview.

Large removable build platform for bigger projects; Maximum build volume: 22.8 cm x 14.9 cm x 13.9 cm.

Fully enclosed workspace for a safe working environment.

Design tools and 100+ free downloadable 3D models to inspire on www.dremel3d.com.

Other than the benefits above, the Dremel 3D Printer 3D20-01 has some cool features as well:


With the most innovative technology right in your home, you can unlock the creativity within your whole family. Easy to use straight out of the box, you’re ready to start building anything you need, anything you want, or anything the world has been waiting for.

Dremel 3D Printer 3D20-01


It is easy to build objects with the Dremel on-board software and color touchscreen, which enables a preview of each model before you build. Additionally, the Dremel 3D printer 3D20-01 Idea Builder comes equipped with a pre-installed extruder (the part where the filament comes out and builds your model), unlike other 3D printers that require you to install it yourself. This makes setup as simple as plugging in your printer, and you’re ready to build! Along with easy-to-use software, you can start turning your ideas into models and projects in minutes.


The Idea Builder features a closable door that keeps out dust and prying fingers. This fully enclosed workspace also stabilizes the temperature for an optimal build, and reduces noise so your models and projects build quietly in the background while you do other things. And it’s UL Certified as well.


Your Dremel 3D Idea Builder is fully operational even without hooking it up to a computer! With the full color touchscreen, you can select models to build, and can control your print process with Start, Stop, and Pause buttons… and much more. The touchscreen even displays helpful information and the printing status of your model!


One to done


• ONLY builds Dremel PLA filaments
• Filament: 1.75mm PLA (Blodegradable/Renewable)
• All polymers degrade with time. The following conditions ensure the material remains high quality:
• Do not unpack until filament is needed
• Store at room temperature: 16-29° C / 60 – 85° F
• Store in a dry environment


• Dremel 3D20 comes with complimentary software. This application converts your 3D digital files into buildable model files.

Windows Requirements
• Dremel® Software runs on 32 and 64-bit Operating Systems Windows Vista or later

MAC OS X Requirements
• Dremel® Software runs on Mac OS X 10.8 or later

Ubuntu Requirements
• Dremel® Software runs on Ubuntu 14.04 or later


• A PC with the below minimum requirements will be required to run the Dremel® Software
• Processor: Multi-core processor – 2 GHz or faster per core
• System RAM: 2 GB
• Screen Resolution: 1024×768
• USB Port
• Video Graphics Card to support OpenGL 2.1 or later


• 3D20-01 input rating: 230V, 60Hz, 1.2A


• Room Temperature: 16-29° C (60 – 85° F)
• Level workspace
• Dry workspace environment

Learn more at Dremel official websites:

Dremel 3D Printer 3D20-01

Additional information

Weight 8.85 kg