Bosch Hedge Cutter Universal HedgeCut 50

Technical Data

Part Number: 06008C0570
Motor power: 480 W
Blade Length: 50 cm
Tooth Opening: 26 mm
No-load stroke rate: 3.400 spm
Cable Line: 10 M
Sound Power Level dB: 91 A
Tools o Pallet - Baretool: 18
Packaging Dimensions: 1080 x 245 x 225 mm
Weight: 3.5 kg

Scope of Delivery

• 1 x 10 m  Cable
• 1 x Bosch Universal HedgeCut 50


• 1 x Safety Goggle
• 1 x Rubber Grip Glove

6 Months Bosch Warranty

RM 670.00
Availability: In Stock
05/10/2023 - 10/10/2023

Bosch Universal HedgeCut 50

Bosch Garden Tools - Bosch Universal HedgeCut 50

Optimum performance and 80% quieter: for trimming medium-sized hedges

The corded Universal Hedgecut 50 is perfect for trimming medium-sized hedges with quiet ease. Encased in the ProSilence 91 dB sound-dampening shell is an energy-efficient 480 W motor, delivering the optimal power and performance with a reduced energy demand and 80% quieter than our leading hedgecutters. Its 50-cm long, laser-cut, diamond-ground blades with a 26-mm tooth opening cut effortlessly through branches up to 26 mm wide for fast and impressive results. This hedgecutter is perfect for trimming conifer, privet/box, hawthorn, and viburnum hedges.

• Trim medium-sized hedges with ease and 80% less noise
• Quick and perfect finish for first time results
• Lighter and ergonomically designed, reducing strain on the upper body
• Safe trimming along walls and paths
• Perfect for trimming conifer, privet/box, hawthorn and viburnum hedges

Unbelievably powerful and quieter sound
• Encased in the ProSilence hedgecutter, is a sound-dampening shell with an energy-efficient motor. This combination delivers a powerful performance with a reduced energy demand and 80% quieter than our leading hedgecutters

Consistently precise, clean cuts
• The laser-cut, diamond-ground blades are designed for cutting branches quickly, precisely and with consistently clean finishes.

Ergonomic Handle Design
• The multi-position front handle makes working in any position comfortable. Its ergonomic rear handle ensures ideal balance and improved handling

Safe Wall and Path Trimming
• The blade-tip protector enables safe trimming along walls and paths

1) How is the motor different? The motor has been wound back in order for it to reach a high torque. This process has allowed the motor to use the right amount of energy required for the task at hand. Thus being energy efficient.
2) Is the performance the same as the current hedgecutter range? Yes, we are extremely proud that the performance of the new range is the same as the current corded AHS hedgecutters
3) Do these tools include the quick cut function? No, quick cut is only required on cordless hedgecutters, due to the amount of current draw required from the battery. Corded tools do not need this function. 
4) Will the blades have a tip protector? Yes all blades in the new ProSilence corded range will have a tip protector. All images will be updated accordingly.
5) Are the blades Swiss made? The blades on the tools from SOP in 2019, are not Swiss made due to manufacturing issues. However, Swiss blades will be introduced as a running change during the 2020 season.
6) Are the blades diamond ground? Yes the blades are still diamond ground.
7) Will there be POS on the tool? Yes, please refer to communication plan slide for information

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Weight: 3.5 kg
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