At Dremel, the focus has always been on detail. We sell three categories of tool systems: The multi-tool system, the benchtop tool system and the compact tool system.

Dremel is the inventor of the world-famous multi-tool, which can be used for a great number of projects both indoors and outdoors. Whether you are an experienced DIYer, a hobbyist or a beginner, this system is perfect for anyone looking for precision in a wide variety of applications such as engraving, carving, routing, cutting, sanding or polishing. The multi-tool system consists of tools, accessories and attachments.

It has also developed the benchtop tool system which comprises of tools developed for stationary use and a wide variety of projects using different materials.

In addition to the multi-tool system and the benchtop tool system, Dremel has created the compact tool system to help you complete your project successfully. In this category, you will find tools that either fill the gap between very specific tasks and more common DIY activities, or serve a particular purpose such as engraving, gluing or soldering.


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