At, we offer full range Bosch power tools, garden tools, measuring tools, accessories and spare parts. The power tools can be categorised into corded and cordless. The corded power tools provide consistency of power supply and lower price. The cordless power tools are portable and hassle free of external power source.

The garden tools include wide choices of high pressure cleaner to ensure your everyday house cleaning is easy. The multipurpose high pressure cleaner suitable for floor cleaning, wall cleaning, car washing and every big or small cleaning tasks.

The measuring tools including laser rangefinder, line laser, thermodetector, optical scope and etc. Measuring tools from Bosch offer outstanding precision and the greatest ease of use. Due to their robustness, the digital measuring tools guarantee the most accurate results also in day-to-day construction site applications – whether it be levelling, measuring distances, angles and inclines, or detecting all different kinds of materials.

“With the advanced technology invented by BOSCH, it assists everyone to work effectively and complete the tasks perfectly.”

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