Dremel Compact Tools

The Dremel Compact Tools System includes Dremel Glue Gun, VersaTip, VersaFlame, Engraver and Saw Max.

Next to the Multi-Tool System, Dremel has developed other Versatile Tool Systems that help you see your project through to completion. The systems that can be found in this category either bridge the gap between the very detailed tasks and the traditional DIY jobs, or surround a certain type of project category, like engraving, gluing or soldering. These tools are typically more compact than traditional DIY tools and use their own unique accessories and attachments to ensure the best results and quality.

Dremel Compact Tools

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  • Technical Data Rated power input: 35 W Voltage: 230 V Weight: 0.31 kg Length: 17 cm Strokes per minute: 6000 Sound pressure: 86 dB(A) Sound power: 97 dB(A) Vibration: 7.7 m/s² Standard Accessories • Dremel Engraver • Creative engraving templates • Replaceable carbide engraving point • Instruction manual 12 Months Dremel Warranty

  • Technical Data Voltage: 100 – 240 V Weight: 0.30 kg Length: 20 cm High temperature: 195 °C Glue stick diameter: 11 mm Standard Accessories • Dremel Glue Gun 940 • Instruction manual • 3x Dremel 11 mm Multipurpose High Temp Glue Sticks 12 Months Dremel Warranty

  • Technical Data Rated power input: 710 W Voltage: 220 – 240 V Weight: 1.70 kg Length: 33 cm No load speed: 17,000 1/min Sound pressure: 96 dB(A) Sound power: 108 dB(A) Vibration: 3.3 m/s² Standard Accessories • Dremel DSM20 • 3x DSM510 Metal and Plastic Cutting Wheel • Straight Edge Guide • Sturdy and spacious…

  • Technical Data Weight: 0.227 kg Length: 17 cm Ignition: Piëzo Burn time: 75 min Tank capacity: 42ml / 22g Temperature: 1200C (open air) 680 – 1000C (hot air) 550C (tips) Standard Accessories • Dremel VersaFlame • Soldering tip • Deflector • Soldering sponge + sponge box • Tin storage case • Catalyst • Flame extension…

  • Technical Data Weight: 0.135 kg Length: 22.5 cm Ignition: Piëzo Burn time: 90 min Tank capacity: 17ml / 9g Temperature: 1200C (open air) 680C (hot air) 550C (tips) Standard Accessories • Dremel VersaTip • Cutting Knife • Flat Wide Flame Head • Hot Blower Head • Soldering Sponge + sponge box • Tin storage case…